Outside... A breath-taking view for that unique luxury chalets

001 Innovative, ecological and economical constructions...
These innovative buildings combine saving, environmentalism with the pleasure of living in a true mountain chalet.
They are ecological, partly due to the use of larch wood, efficient insulating material. To live in an environmentally-friendly larch chalet is a privilege. No concrete covered with wood, no old treated wood. Come to enjoy an authentic mountain cabins life.
Larch wood accumulates assets. Aesthetics, durability but also famous for being the more static wood in Europe (highly resistant), it naturally repels insects (no needs for chemical products) and is rot-proof.
Larch wood is the most durable wood in Europe if not constantly in contact with humidity (floor) and even in contact with bad weather. The higher the altitude the longer larch buildings live. Larch wood is perfect for framework, horizontal or vertical cladding.

A construction in larch wood...

So, why look for an old, treated, often artificially aged wood, set down on a concrete structure?
The larch variety used to build the wooden chalet comes from the French Alpes in South of France, from an altitude similar to where the cabins are located: 1,500 meters (4921 ft) . Larch is a local variety, abundant in this area of the Alps. The cut and sale have been organised under the care of the prestigious Office National des Forêts (ONF). The trees have grown slowly on the less sunny slopes. The slower the growth, the stronger the wood. The larch wood used to build the wooden chalet in the Hamlet of Lanna, has been cut and dried by St Hilaire, a company based less than10 km from the source of the trees, then delivered to Chalets Bayrou from Briançon who gave them a second life becoming framework. The wood is alive, you can feel it.
Chalets Bayrou operated since the beginning of the XIXème century.
The construction is based on the technique of poteau-poutre (pole-beam) that supports the framework, leaving a wide space for the windows between each load-bearing element.

Open spaces to enjoy the view on the mountain summits...

Larch wood is also used for the framing. As soon as the sun shines, even with cold temperatures, we feel like we live outside. The sun penetrates by the large windows and naturally warms up the cabin, equipped with an improved thermal insulation, but the most effective insulation is the outdoor one.
Larch wood is naturally an excellent insulating material. Eighteen centimetres of cross-layers are installed for a better efficacy. No thermal bridge, no loss of warmth. Benefit from a healthy air, constantly renewed with fresh outdoor air thanks to mechanical ventilation in charge of the dampening too.
Well balanced, the air is perfect for the occupiers and the structural beams. Mountain air is well known for its benefits, and its possible dryness is corrected by dampening, automatically managed by the mechanical ventilation.

A geothermic heating...

Geothermal science takes advantage of the earth heat. An electric pump uses the temperature difference of the glycol (sent 120 meters deep) to warm up the water to be flung into the floor.
Four boreholes per cabin allow an individual heating system with a suitable operating.
A fitted adjustment is made for each chalet according to the owner needs and visits. The electric consumption of the pomp is very small. The floors release a low pleasurable heat.
In this way, you can benefit from a healthy atmosphere and an invariable temperature without a lot of maintenance or adjustment. No high electric expenditure or energy waste to heat the cabin all year long.
Well-being and environmental are respected. 

Quality companies...

The same trusted companies who worked on the first chalet are in charge of creating your private space.
A defined bill of specifications is ready when starting the construction and will be precious to finish your exclusive wooden chalet.
The project owner hired engineers for every stage of the building. They gave all the necessary advices in order to achieve an intelligent and ecological building where nothing is missing.
Every company has been controlled on site on a day-by-day basis.
The architect made sure that the chosen material was respected in the implementation.

An uncluttered architecture, from the first drawing to the delivery...

CCHE Architecture et Design is one of the biggest architecture firms of the Swiss Riviera.
No general business contract that cuts the subcontracted company budgets and services.
Every construction’s detail has been thought and managed to respect the working plan.
The collaboration between the architect and the project owner has been close since the first stroke in 2009. For these prestigious buildings, nothing has been left to chance.
When needed, improvements have been implemented during the construction in order to keep the coherence between material and drawing.
You can see, feel and touch the quality, but also the beauty of the well-polished wood, result of the knowledge of the famous “Compagnons du Tour de France”.
With their French art and savoir-faire, and since 1830, they deliver unique high quality chalets, improved decade after decade. They are now the top of the range mountain chalet irrefutable reference.
No space for improvisation. Every single team member from CCHE or any other involved companies want to do well.
The cabins in the Hamlet of Lanna are exceptional investments, offering a long durability to their owners.


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